We Are

A full-service learning studio where quality, reliability and punctuality come together every single time.
For every single project.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2015 with the earnest purpose of working on projects that truly had an impact on a learner. Over the years, we have tried not to lose sight of this goal.

Our Team

We are a tight-knit group of talented and creative instructional designers, graphics designers and software engineers. Although our team is 100% remote, we bond over our shared vision of designing and developing world-class learning experiences.

Before we begin a project, here are just some of the questions we ask:

How will this benefit the learner?
How are we going to engage the learner?
What are the learning strategies we will use to present the content?
How will we elicit feedback from the learner?
What are the techniques we will be using to evaluate the learner?
Is there a way to evaluate the learner’s performance on the job, post-training?

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